Monday, May 23, 2011

We Love Pictures

Part of what I do every day as a graphic designer for a business identity and personal stationery company is design wedding stationery (one of the best parts of my job). So I like to spend some time cruising around the web seeing what people do for weddings these days (I got married nine years ago), and get inspired by the wonderful things people do to make their day unique to them.

I was so pleased to stumble across SA photographers, We Love Pictures. Not only do they take fantastic pics of the day, but have a clever photo booth with props that encourages people to let loose and a goof a bit for the camera.

It was hard to stop saving pics for you to see! You need to head over to their blog and check it out... those locations! The details!

I also spotted this on their blog... a just hauntingly beautiful song by A Skyline on Fire. Enjoy.


Lana {lanalou style} said...

They are brilliant! Love what they do!
ps Pop over and enter my giveaway!;)

kbd said...

Lana, thanks for letting me know... what a gorgeous dress!