Thursday, February 25, 2010

Design Indaba 2010

hello everyone! yes, I'm still here, I'm still alive! Can't chat long, got tons to do but I need to draw your attention to the annual Design Indaba in South Africa, which is happening right now, as I write... its a conference of speakers, a trade show... a giant design hub!

Some of my favourite South African artists/designers/etc are there, as well as my newly-found favourite Americans. Everyone from Bokkie (those super cute shwe shwe shoes!) and Koto Bolofo, to Martha Stewart and Michael Beirut are there... OH, I'd give my front teeth to be there, instead of stuck here doing homework. Oh well, I can enjoy from afar, as can you. Check out this video of Koto Bolofo explaining how he got his first gig for Vogue (by pretending to be a fancy-pants) and more on the Design Indaba website.

You can read more about the happenings on CR blog, via London.

See you soon!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Trip Down Memory Lane

Love these Cape Town beach images, as seen on Miss Moss a while back...

They're from Liberty Littlebasil's father's photo archives from the late 1950s to early 60s. This one is from about 40 years earlier but its still Cape Town.

Its my Grampa, with his sister and mother. I love my great-grandmother's style.

PS: School is tiring, but going well! Hope to make this semester a screaming success :) Be in touch again as soon as I get another quick breather.