Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PS: Jimmy Chooooo!

Psssst! Before I go, I have something exciting to share! You can win a shopping spree at Jimmy Choo: 7 bags and 2 bags of your choice. Plus, its all for a good cause.

Project PEP (by Jimmy Choo), along with the Elton John AIDS foundation, have started a competition that raises awareness of the Simelela Centre in Cape Town. The Simelela Centre is a rape center that supports rape victims, focusing on the first 72 hours which is the time frame in which someone can take the HIV preventative PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis).

To help, you can simply participate. Enter the competition by uploading a photo of "You, Your Shoes, and 72". You can make a donation... or you can simply buy something from the PEP collection, and 25% of that sale will go straight to the Simelela Center.

Now, I have quite a bit of packing to do, but first... I need an entry to submit!

You have until December 7, so get creative, and win a shopping spree.

Surf's Up

I recently discovered Matt Suth's work over at great new blog glossary and love his images.

Been a bit of a photography week over here, hope you're enjoying it as much as me!

I'm quite excited to be placing an image of Durban (the first one) as I'll be there for a while as I am visiting sunny SA and taking a break from posting. But I'll be collecting lots of new great things to share. Please keep yourselves busy by reading some of the other awesome southern African bloggers I have listed on my blogroll, and if you behave I might have some nice and juicy give-aways for you when I get back.

See more of Matt's work here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mark Lanning

Mark Lanning shoots a whole bunch of stuff, including people, food, interiors, and decor. But I like his Soweto series best.

See more of his incredible work here.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Vanishing

Nick Brandt first fell in love with Africa while shooting a Michael Jackson video in Tanzania, and over time has come to see how vulnerable the continent's wildlife and beauty is.

He photographs animals as though he was doing the portrait of a human being... casting them in a light that shows some of their nature. Brandt doesn't use a telephoto lens either, getting close to the animals. I think his work is phenomenal.

Brandt's books
On This Earth and Shadow Falls reflect the fragile situation African wildlife finds itself in, and hopes to capture it before it disappears. For our sakes, I hope his view is overly-pessimistic and that his images will one day simply document a time when when African wildlife was simply not valued as much as it should.

As seen on Habitually Chic... be sure to click on the images to see them bigger.

Friday, November 13, 2009

You Got Moxy?

Last year my husband and I took a trip up to Maine, to our usual favourite places, and popped into Moody's Diner (if you're ever near Moody's, make a stop!)... we've had dinner there before and had it there that day too, but have also tried their delicious cakes and desserts. Anyway, there is a drink that is called Moxie that you can get around there, and although its now a soft drink, it was originally marketed as a medicine. My husband decided to try it (to his credit, I don't think we knew about the medicinal angle before that day). He took one sip, and... that was it. Experiment over. The waitress walked passed us on her way to get someone else's order, looked at him, and asked if he'd like something else to drink!

So imagine my surprise when I found Moxy Crocheting (although that spelling is usually associated with being gutsy, no?)... anyway, the crocheted work at Moxy is gorgeous. Some of the best I seen, great colour combos and beautifully sewn together. I am a big fan.

I am not the only fan. Moxy has got the seal of approval from Apartment Therapy... you can make some purchases from Laura and you can rest assured that your purchase will also help support the families of the seven crocheters whose beautiful work you'll be enjoying.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

'Bye Citi

So sad... the Citi Golf is finally no longer being produced in South Africa. An enduring symbol of design all over the world, and just a really good set of wheels :)

As spotted on Mark Lives... head over there for other current news-y, marketing, designery type stuff over there.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Orange You Jealous?

Love this kitchen (in Northcliff, SA), as seen on Elle Decor SA.

Freshly Found

One of my fellow bloggers from sunny South Africa, Freshly Found, has branched out and now has a delightful online boutique.

She has some beautiful things, just in time for Christmas shopping! (With really good prices, too!) Head over here to see more.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Seen today, the beachy, colonial, safari awesomeness of Yvonne O'Brien (on a great blog I plan to visit a lot in the future!). Enjoy these pics...

See more on the VT Interiors blog or Yvonne O'Brien's website... I think Yvonne is the one interior designer I could hire and say, "It's entirely up to you". I've blogged about her before, check it out over here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cute as a Button

Love these looks from Jenni Button

These are from the summer 2008 Cape Town fashion week (as found on hopefully her website will be up soon with more lovely things to look at.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Love Mu and Me (also called Meu) stationery. The handiwork of graphic designer, Daley Muller, they are so adorable and would make great Christmas presents (yes, almost time to get cracking on that, people!).

Find her notebooks, gift wrap, scribblers, gift bags, journals, greeting cards, etc on the Mu&Me website or at Liberty's and Selfridges in the UK. Nothing States-side as yet. Bummer.

All images from the Mu&Me website.