Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Million Miles Away

Flipping through an old magazine tonight, I came across this image (with my apologies for a poor scan job).

Ah. And, you must know, its still as hot as Hades in Boston. Its been over a month of consistently high temperatures, with a lot of humidity thrown in. And me, a water baby, with no pool! So this image caught my attention straight away.... its the rooftop of the Cape Royale, a hotel in Cape Town (with a new soccer stadium being built in the background for the recent World Cup).

So I went to check out their website, and I fell in love... its gorgeous! I love the outdoor spaces, and the insides are not too bad either. Except for perhaps that dining room, its just my style: laid back, clean lines, small and important details.

So next time I'm in Cape Town, I hope this could be me... well, maybe my inner child!

PS: And my apologies for being so quiet the past couple weeks... I've had some toothache and its been hard to be inspired. But things are getting better and everything should be right as rain soon!

(All pics from the hotel's website, except the first, which is from House & Leisure magazine)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


In last year's Elle Decoration (South Africa) Celebration issue, I came across something wonderful. Something fun. And I'm sorry I have taken so long to bring it your attention. Introducing.... Afrobot!

More info is hard to find, and I wish, wish, wish I could buy one of these online somewhere. The plates are painted by Nicholas Hauser. Why he paints them? I have no idea why. But they are. Fantastic.

Anyway, the only other info I have been able to find is on his website. But its not much. At least its a few more pics for us to enjoy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Must Redeem Myself

...for last month's not-so-great pic of the puppies. It did not do them justice. So, without further ado, here is Lou and Lucy.

And, today is my 8th wedding anniversary and beloved is far from home... so happy anniversary, my Love. See you soon! Safe travels.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Frankly Fabulous

Frank Features is a collaboration of Kerryn Fischer and Luanne Toms.

"Frank Features is a South African-based editorial content agency that specialises in lifestyle, home and travel-related features. Borne out of a common desire to capture frank yet personal insights into the personalities, homes and stories that inspire them, Frank’s criteria is simple: ‘we only shoot what we love’."


I recognise some from my favourite shelter mags... do you? My favourite? Kerryn's house.

You can read more on burrs and berries (a lovely blog!), at livingetc or on the frankly features.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Flora Grubb

You know that most succulents originated in southern Africa, right? And you know this lead-in is just an excuse for some beautiful photographs, right?

Flora Grubb
has a nursery in San Francisco. If I ever am in San Francisco, it will be the first time that I put a nursery on my list of must-dos in a new city. And here is why... images from the Cutting Garden blog on her website, all from weddings (except those bowls at the end)...

Happy weekend everyone! Hope yours is filled with flowers, bird song and wonderful company... see you next week!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Beautiful Night...

So, a while back I posted about rikrak's Handmade World Cup. South Africa won! In that post I went through the first group of participants, and so tonight let's take a gander through the second group... let's see what beautiful things these lovely ladies have created...

But first! The soundtrack. This time, let's put our feet up, enjoy something a little more relaxed than Desmond and the Tutus. This is Khumbula.

Bernice studied at the London College of Fashion and now make the delicious-looking bags, as MeanttoB on etsy.

has all sorts of lovely vintage goodies in her shop, and a gorgeous header!

But Peekabo's real show-stopper are her photographs. LOVE THEM!

Sunshine Crafts
is on holiday! We'll have to check back in to see what's cooking, another time...

Star Bright Girl's
wares take me right back to childhood, reminiscing about all those characters I loved... and then she makes them cool!

Another etsy seller with a great header is Dandie
, made up of Daneel and Mandie. They sell decorative balls for your home.

Emma Anne has the most delightful, delicate jewellry. Here are some of my favourites

What amazing knitting Biscuit Scout has created! I am loving this!

Second to last is an old favourite of mine, Skinny Laminx. I love her latest range of fabrics (called Orla), and LOVE the photography she used for it. See her blog here and etsy shop here.

And, ending with a real goodie, is Chalbaby. Oh my goodness, these are darling. I want to cuddle with. them. all.

I hope you saw something you liked! And hopefully we will not have to wait another four years for a handmade World Cup!