Monday, January 31, 2011


One of most definitive decorating styles that will forever be linked to Africa (and other continents where the colonists went) is campaign furniture ... originally used by the British as they travelled through foreign lands, especially by their military, the furniture could very easily be carried, and put together and taken apart. (Not to mention, campaign furniture maintained a certain level of luxury, too!)

I've been seeing it pop up all over the place lately. I think maybe its slim lines and elegance is what keeps it in style... especially the chairs, which (you'll see) are what have popped up most.

The chair in the front of the pic can be found at Etos (via Habitually Chic, of course)

This beautiful chair, one of a pair, was found by the ladies of Good Bones Great Pieces while antiquing recently

Another chair in another beautiful home, also seen on Habitually Chic

Here's the campaign chair doing duty as a dining chair (via Katy Elliot, I can't be sure which is the correct photo credit)

I've blogged about this apartment before, but I had to bring the wonderful desk and campaign chair to your attention again (via domino, of course!)... sigh. Rattan. My favourite.

And, the last chair, the real deal. Yes, this one you can enjoy when you safari at Londolozi's luxurious Pioneer Camp.

The final piece of campaign furniture I've seen lately, is over at a favourite blog of mine, Cup of Jo. Lovely Jo works from home (well, used to) and the beautiful desk at the back of her living room is where she spent her time blogging and writing (check out the rest of the apartment, its elegant and homey, all at the same time). I wish I could find a better pic.

Have you seen any pieces around? If not, keep a lookout, I bet now that its on your radar you will see campaign furniture everywhere.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Yours Truly

This week has turned out to be quite the Cape Town week! I think everyone I spoke about this week lives there... so let's not break the trend. I saw this lovely new coffee shop on the Elle Decor SA blog, and its on my list!

Yours Truly
was started by 24 year-old (so inspiring! Grab that bull by the horns!) former graphic designer Daniel, it looks like a wonderful place to while away a few hours.

I also love Daniel's blog, named for his cafe, and showing all the lovely dark blues, browns and textures that I adore, and with some interesting people, too!

(last set of the coffee shop pics from here)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Anything Goes to Paris

And speaking of Paris! Next year is my tenth anniversary. I hope my hubby and I make a trip there, because I have fallen in love with the city from afar. One of those responsible for this new found love is Kat, whose blog I love, and sadly is not posting at the moment (come back, Kat! The internet needs your sharp eye!)

Love these images from her recent trip.

See more beautiful images here, and others from her trip to Amsterdam.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Want That Kitchen

I'm spending a lot of time on the I Want That blog... Vicki Sleet writes it daily, and there is always fabulous eye candy to enjoy. Love her kitchen!

See more on her blog.

Monday, January 24, 2011


If I was in Cape Town, I'd go to T&Co.

And I'd buy this mirror

and this wire shelf for the bathroom

This armchair

and this cake stand.

I think I'd also buy some of this gorgeous fabric, designed by Tanya, the owner, who was inspired by Paris. Read more about Tanya's love of Paris, and this fabric over at I Want That (another great South African blog!)

I wonder if they would all fit in my suitcase?

Unit 78 Victoria Junction
Ebenezer Road, Green Point
Cape Town

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Skinny in New York

My new favourite decorating/design blog? Door Sixteen (loving it!)... and of course, I read waaaaay back in the archives and found? A touch of South Africa: a Skinny Laminx towel.

Anna's rental bathroom make-over is really lovely and inventive... and, of course, has Ikea furniture, even though her Skinny towel is about not having Ikea at all.

Here's the towel in all its glory. It seems to be sold out in Heather's etsy shop, but she has tons of other lovely designs, all just as beautiful.

The rest of Door Sixteen is great too (beautiful house, great renovation ideas and some inspiring graphic design)... read more here.

Monday, January 17, 2011


You learn something new every day, and today is a special day, it is Martin Luther King Jr day here in the States. And thanks to a friend, now I know that this iconic image was photographed by a South African, Joseph Louw.

Joe Louw, who was there on assignment and staying at the same hotel as King.

I wish had more info but the details I can find are hodge-podge, here and here.

The Cape

This week, Boston got some snow. This is what my street looked like on Wednesday afternoon.

It was that wet, heavy snow that looks so beautiful for days after, but is dangerous as it pulls down power lines, and other vital lifelines for us in this modern age. We dug out within a few hours, and thanks to a well organized city, were back on track the next day. And while I love the snow, I really do, some Capetonians out there make it really hard to not wish for warmer weather.

(The Cape, to South Africans, is that wonderful area right at the bottom of the African continent (while to Bostonians, its Cape Cod). Jaw-dropping beauty is what the Cape is known for.)

From Walking the Cape

From 66 Square Feet