Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ranting and Reminiscing

I need to get this off my chest: the demise of all the gorgeous, beautiful and inspiring magazines we all love and NEED is driving me crazy! First the beloved domino, then my guilty secret, Country Home, and now I hear cookie (my stand-by gift for all the new moms in my life... well, the ones who are closest to me out of the 15 of them... yes, 15!) and now gourmet too! It just leaves me sad and at a loss.

Just recently a friend treated me and let me borrow her complete collection of dominos. It was lovely. I found this gorgeously shot article, on New York photographer Liz Gilbert, who lives part of the year in Kenya photographing the local tribes people, and the other part back in NY (sounds like a great way to have your cake and eat it too!). I scanned it in so I could share it with you (oops! Scanned it a little crooked!). Don't you love how, even though she is technically in the bush camping, her campsite is like home? And how parts of her African life are so at ease in her New York apartment? If I sound jealous, it's because I am!

Since hearing that Gourmet and Cookie were shuttering, I luckily came across Lonny magazine... and this is one of the things I love about what all these magazines stand for... a bunch of the people who were involved in making domino got together over the summer to create an online magazine, with just as beautiful articles, photographs, ideas and attitude. Love it!

I highly recommend the article on domino founder/editor, Deborah Needleman, for anyone who is involved any creative pastime or profession. She talks about the seasons of life and creativity, while talking about her garden (which is gorgeous).

I am kind of in two minds about the online thing... its kinda annoying because I can't cuddle on the couch with the pup and read it (I just bought a new desktop mac, not a laptop!) BUT on the other hand there are now just under 200 pages. Also, anything I like in the magazine enough to want to find out more, I just click on the pic/name/whatever and it takes me to a new website where I can see more, see how I can buy one for myself/ make one for myself. Its fab! Plus advertisers can now see directly who is coming to their site thanks to their advertising in Lonny. Perhaps that will convince advertisers to not throw in the towel on these great magazines when times get a little tough... and I can stop whining :)

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