Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Fever

Boy, what a night I'm having over here... first I realize I haven't been able to upload my old software to my new mac because my handwriting is so bad that I can't read the serial number correctly (I swear I heard the customer service guy chuckle quietly to himself), then the dog almost got sprayed again by the skunk... luckily the hubby caught a glance of it out the corner of his eye and shooed the dog back inside (inside I was completely freaking out, but on the outside I remained. cool. calm.) Man, I do not want to spend another night giving poor ol' Lou a tomato bath, then a bicarb/peroxide bath, then a regular bath... and then start again.

I think (and I can't seem to find reliable info on this) that the skunk is scavenging more because its getting cooler (he was digging for grubs in the back lawn). Last week we shockingly had some snow (it all melted on contact with the ground, thank goodness) but yesterday I didn't even need to wear a jacket. I suppose that fall in New England for you.

Today over at 66 Square Feet I saw some of the best fall photography I have seen in a while. Marie has a fantastic eye.

Marie had some links to photos she had taken in Namibia. Man, oh man. I've always wanted to go but now it's imperative.

Do yourself a favour and go see the rest.


Lj said...

Pics are beautiful. p.s. I found a great deal on a pellet gun and ammo. We can take care of the skunk problem quick quick.

Mandy Crooks said...

Loved the story about the skunk - sounds like a nightmare, especially if your doggie friend wants jump on your lap or bed and snuggle with skunk fumes that can't be easy to remove!