Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Saint

So, today I give away the secret of my last guilty pleasure...somehow I end up telling you all my secrets. My other daily read is Mrs. O. Yes, that Mrs O.

I stumbled across this lovely little blog somehow, and I've kind of been inspired by dear Mrs O to ditch black as my wardrobe staple, and slowly replace it with colour. You know, use navy, or khaki, or warm brown with colour, instead of black (just got my new winter brown boots the other day).

So, just other day I was there, getting inspired, when I saw her necklace. Gorgeous.

And imagine my pride when I saw that the creative force behind such a unique and glamorous piece of jewellry is a South African. Pieter Erasmus, a boytjie from Pretoria.

He grew up, kind of like me, being told that you can't spend your life or make money being creative (read the full story here), but somehow he has ended up living in London and having his little masterpieces created in Delhi. You can see the African and Indian exoticism in his designs.

I feel like the St. Erasmus necklace and Mrs O are a good pairing: such a glamorous and sharp woman who carries off colour so well deserves jewellry as bold, strong and beautiful as she is.

You can shop online here (where I found the waterfall and pewter necklaces) or you can find more places on the St. Erasmus website and, of course, you used to be able buy a copy of Mrs O's necklace at Anthropologie, but it seems to be sold out :(

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Freshly Found said...

Interesting and heartwarming connections!