Monday, January 31, 2011


One of most definitive decorating styles that will forever be linked to Africa (and other continents where the colonists went) is campaign furniture ... originally used by the British as they travelled through foreign lands, especially by their military, the furniture could very easily be carried, and put together and taken apart. (Not to mention, campaign furniture maintained a certain level of luxury, too!)

I've been seeing it pop up all over the place lately. I think maybe its slim lines and elegance is what keeps it in style... especially the chairs, which (you'll see) are what have popped up most.

The chair in the front of the pic can be found at Etos (via Habitually Chic, of course)

This beautiful chair, one of a pair, was found by the ladies of Good Bones Great Pieces while antiquing recently

Another chair in another beautiful home, also seen on Habitually Chic

Here's the campaign chair doing duty as a dining chair (via Katy Elliot, I can't be sure which is the correct photo credit)

I've blogged about this apartment before, but I had to bring the wonderful desk and campaign chair to your attention again (via domino, of course!)... sigh. Rattan. My favourite.

And, the last chair, the real deal. Yes, this one you can enjoy when you safari at Londolozi's luxurious Pioneer Camp.

The final piece of campaign furniture I've seen lately, is over at a favourite blog of mine, Cup of Jo. Lovely Jo works from home (well, used to) and the beautiful desk at the back of her living room is where she spent her time blogging and writing (check out the rest of the apartment, its elegant and homey, all at the same time). I wish I could find a better pic.

Have you seen any pieces around? If not, keep a lookout, I bet now that its on your radar you will see campaign furniture everywhere.


Black Zebra said...

The best furniture hands down!If I could do my entire home in it I would very very happy!!

kbd said...

So funny, I did think of you while I wrote this post (and the one with India Hicks)!