Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beatnik Bazaar

A great blog and South African shop I recently stumbled upon is Beatnik Bazaar (shop and blog). Run by Thaya in Kalkbay near Cape Town, there is so much to love... the styling:

the lovely goodies for sale (I'm dying to get my hands on the enamel jewellery, and Thaya ships to the US! My birthday is coming up soon...!!)

and I love getting a peep into Thaya, and her son Luca's lives down by the sea (love the first shot, from her Christmas holiday sequence... isn't that silliness what possesses us all round this time of year?)


Lj said...

So we've taken to putting up birthday hints on a public blogging forum now? Looks like I need to get some shipping done before next month

kbd said...

HA, its not like I've dropped enough other hints, is it? lol


Your pics are truly inspired!!

kbd said...

@andwhatelseisthere... these are all beatnik bazaar's pics, none are mine :) Beautiful, aren't they?