Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Skinny in New York

My new favourite decorating/design blog? Door Sixteen (loving it!)... and of course, I read waaaaay back in the archives and found? A touch of South Africa: a Skinny Laminx towel.

Anna's rental bathroom make-over is really lovely and inventive... and, of course, has Ikea furniture, even though her Skinny towel is about not having Ikea at all.

Here's the towel in all its glory. It seems to be sold out in Heather's etsy shop, but she has tons of other lovely designs, all just as beautiful.

The rest of Door Sixteen is great too (beautiful house, great renovation ideas and some inspiring graphic design)... read more here.


Hayley said...

Oh how cool!

Skinny laMinx said...

Deeeelighted to see one of my tea towels gracing the bathroom of the lovely Anna, whose blog I also enjoy! xx

kbd said...

@Hayley, it is cool seeing SA stuff everywhere! It rocks!

@Heather, isn't' her blog/house/design/everything just so inspiring!?