Friday, January 14, 2011


Way back in 2007 I wrote about the BoKaap. I have never visited this area but am completely in love with the bright and vibrant images I see, and the stories of the community that live there.

Thanks to Rishka's comment on that post I'd like to share with you a website with accommodations, attractions, recipes and more that pertain to the area. After spending some time (okay, quite a bit of time!) daydreaming while looking through each hotel and B&B's on the website, here are my favourite images...

Your bags packed? Shall we go now?!

Images via Globe Trodden, Alexandra Roberts, exfordy on flickr, and the websites of the accomodation.


elizabeth hall said...

that nice.

Your new blog style is so clean and crisp. Love it!

~ Liz (Hall)

kbd said...

thanks Liz! I'm enjoying the new look... and its hard to look at that pool after the snow this week!!