Friday, June 8, 2007

Happy Trails!

You gotta love the google. I randomly did an image search one day and came up with this gem. This is a shot of an area in Cape Town called the Bo-Kaap. On a website dedicated to the area, the writer describes it as, "Hidden in central Cape Town, just beyond the hassles and bustle, you will find this little treasure which is an attraction for many holidaymakers.

What is Bo-Kaap? It is a multicultural area, tucked safely into the fold of signal hill. Use the cobble stoned streets as your guide and you will be lead into a lively suburb filled with brightly colored houses from the nineteenth and seventeenth century, Muslim saints shrines ("kramats") and many beautiful Mosques including the first established Muslim Mosque in South Africa."

I can already feel the sun on my face, enjoying a cuppa on someone's stoep*.

*SA slang for verandah or porch.


Rishka said...

Thank you for your post mentioning Bo-Kaap, I lived in BoKaap, both my parents were born in BoKaap and yes the area is very colorful. A must to see when visiting Cape Town :)

kbd said...

Rishka thanks for commenting... what a great website! BoKaap is high on my list of things to do when I'm next in Cape Town, and I'll be referring back to your website for info.