Tuesday, June 19, 2007


As someone who has recently been on the lookout for a chic recliner (I was pleasantly surprised to see these actually exist) I noticed a wonderful furniture shop in Cape Town... er, I noticed it online, of course.

I absolutely love this! The shop is Klooftique, and they are situated on Kloof Street. I could easily welcome any of these into my home... I'd have to do some asking, though, about where these hides came from (I'm a bit of a bunny-hugger, you see) but I think the Nguni (cow) skin rug would be perfect with the new recliner I did end up getting this past weekend.

As their website says, Klooftique is "home to a decadent collection of superbly crafted handmade furniture".


-Suzie- said...

I am glad I discoverd your blog.
Nice posts. I like the leather chairs.

Greetings from China

kbd said...

hey suzie

Glad you like it! Hope to see you again soon...