Thursday, June 21, 2007

African Salad

I am super excited to share a beautiful book with you today. It's called African Salad, but it has nothing to do with salad. Well, maybe just a little.

The book is a photographic exploration of everyday South Africans and their food. The gorgeous pages show pictures of the people, their homes, and of course, their food. Inside you'll find a Mielie (corn) dish, Tswana-style Morogo (Tswana are a people of South Africa, and morogo is wild spinach), carrot jam, Mrs Hick's Christmas cake, curried chicken, and oodles more. But more importantly you'll be invited into the homes of some very beautiful, colourful people. This is all wrapped up in a very tactile fabric cover. Ah, bliss!

I am a huge fan of good books, and would love to meet the people who spent a year and a half trekking across the land getting people to let them into thier homes. The original concept was from Stephan Le Roux, while Stan Engelbrecht took the photographs and Tamsen de Beer wrote the text. Wonderful, thank you so much.

African Salad is, unfortunately, not available in the States yet, but it is available in the UK (check out and you can see more detail on their website.

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Lorissa said...

Fantastic find! I must get my hands on this.