Monday, June 4, 2007

Cape Town Letterpress

Those who know me know that I am a huge letterpress fan. In days when email rules, the tactile beauty of great paper and gorgeous design is something very special. I've been lured in by the likes of port2port press, Satsuma Press, and Pancake & Frank's thanks to Etsy. (That's pancake's design, followed by Satsuma's, and then port2port.)

Locally I love the work of Albertine Press after enjoying some time with Shelley during the Somerville Open Studios here in Boston, and also Goosefish Press, who I discovered during the Fort Point Open Studios last year. (Goosefish first, below.)

The other letterpress company that I am very excited about (although I haven't seen their work in the flesh yet) is The Letterpress Company, which is based in Cape Town.

Their work runs the gamut from business cards and stationery to what I've seen called broadsides (poetry, and other wonderful stuff). I love their work!

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