Thursday, June 28, 2007

Snow in June

Well, it is actually winter in the southern hemisphere right now, so cold in June is not such a big deal... but it snowed in Johannesburg yesterday! Crazy! Just for those of us not familiar with the no-snow situation in Jozi... when I was three, or there-abouts, it snowed enough for there to be snowmen. I wouldn't go outside. Then, in my final year of high school, it flurried. For a second. That's it!

Since moving to Boston, and all the winter snow, I've grown to love, love, love the stuff! Glad to know my peeps at home got a little share (even if it was only a few inches and was mostly melted by noon).

Um, and a note to my mother-in-law... I'm sorry you got stuck at the airport because of the snow. Maybe we should club together and get them a plough, for any future inconvenience!

(Photo of snowy bird-feeder from the reader's gallery on

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