Monday, June 18, 2007


While recently browsing through Country Home magazine, I came across their "Collect It" page. This is always filled with inspiring stuff. Personally, I am never at an end as to what to collect, or what useless stuff to buy. I am just a plain ol' sucker for anything lovely, or just down right interesting.

Anyway, Country Home featured antique beaded flowers and fruits as a great thing to collect (June 2007). They had some gorgeous watermelons, and tactile pears. They, and the other featured fruit, dated from the 40s through 50s.

This reminded me of a gift someone sent me via my mom. A little sparkly something from home. The friend sent a protea, which is South Africa's national flower, and just a really handsome bloom. They also sent along an aloe, which is one of my favourites thanks to the huge variety of birdlife that are attracted to them.

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