Monday, June 11, 2007

Shopping in SA via London

Last year I was lucky enough to go to London for a weekend with a great friend of mine. We had a superb weekend, squeezing in everything from hitting the tourist spots to seeing a Christmas service at St. Paul's cathedral.

Along the way we stopped in at a pub for lunch, just off of Regent Street (bangers and mash? delish!), and then we went over to the shopping that's around Carnaby Street. We found a cute little shop, and inside I found this.

It's a necklace adorned with labels from South African brands, like All Gold sweetcorn, Sunlight dishwashing soap, Rooibos tea and Lucky Star anchovies. I could not resist it! The only one that may be familiar to readers not living in SA is the tea. You can now find Rooibos, also known as redbush, at tea shops, and now it's being made by Snapple (kinda hard to taste the redbush tea due to all the fruity-ness, but it's there), however I digress.

I've only worn the necklace once (it's like that gorgeous red dress that everyone remembers) and I got so many compliments.

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Lorissa said...

Love it! Carnaby Street huh? I must make my way down there and look for this.