Monday, January 10, 2011

Biodiversity Garden

The passed few months I have been watching, captivated, by the progress on the Biodiversity Garden in Cape Town. Built to demonstrate the diversity of plants and animals in the Cape region, and to promote good garden practices, the park has been created by numerous local artists and experts, using mosaics, structures, and of course, local flora.

Situated near the Green Point soccer stadium that you may have seen during the 2010 Soccer World Cup, the area has blossomed (um, excuse the pun, and yes, click on the images to see bigger).

My personal favourite is the scene that shows an owl, some rodents, three snakes and a honeybadger. A beautiful illustration of how everything is intertwined in life and nature. Here are some pics of the artwork in that exhibit.

I'm so glad Marijke, a garden designer who is working on the garden, is blogging about it. You can follow it all yourself, here.

PS: You may notice I've made some changes to the design of the blog (gosh, only took me 3 or 4 years!). Please let me know if anything is difficult to read.


Ansie said...

Hi there!
Your new blog layout looks great! And I am honored that my name is in your blog roll

Happy 2011!

kbd said...

Thanks Ansie! Its great to have a change after 4 years... I think your name has been on the blogroll for a while, I would not forget you :)

Happy new year!