Monday, January 17, 2011

The Cape

This week, Boston got some snow. This is what my street looked like on Wednesday afternoon.

It was that wet, heavy snow that looks so beautiful for days after, but is dangerous as it pulls down power lines, and other vital lifelines for us in this modern age. We dug out within a few hours, and thanks to a well organized city, were back on track the next day. And while I love the snow, I really do, some Capetonians out there make it really hard to not wish for warmer weather.

(The Cape, to South Africans, is that wonderful area right at the bottom of the African continent (while to Bostonians, its Cape Cod). Jaw-dropping beauty is what the Cape is known for.)

From Walking the Cape

From 66 Square Feet


Carrie M said...

I want to bury my nose in those gorgeous yellow roses... ahhhhhh.... thanks for the little reminder of Summer, K!

kbd said...

I know! Can't you just feel the warm air!? Torture!