Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Up There With the Best

So although I am can put together a design on paper, or sew, or maybe even arrange some flowers, the one thing I am not good at is clothes. Hmm. To counter this I take great inspiration from those around me, in how they style themselves... and so I am the hugest fan of those wonderful blogs that bring all the goodness from various places right to my desk. Yay for the internet!

My favourites include the Satorialist. I know we're all big fans.

I LOVE Garance Dore'. Its like a chat with an old friend. A more stylish, funnier, elegant friend. Who travels the world and takes kick-ass pics!

When I get a hankering for Cape Town (which is quite often!) I head on over to Style Guide Cape Town, to see what the locals are up to.

A more recent read is Hanneli Mustaparta, for when I want to know what the drop-dead gorgeous girls are doing (Hanneli is a model).

But my most recent, and definitely new favourite, addition is Bluestockings. With postings from Emma Durr and Michelle Gow (the first two pics, with cameras in hand of course!), each post reveals another stylish person from the Stellenbosch/Cape Town area, celebrating each one's beauty and spirit. Sometimes there are things to ponder (why can't accountants be stylish?!), sometimes just a window into someone's life. Lovely. (Sorry about the huge number of pics today, but there is so much to enjoy!)

As first seen on Miss Moss.

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