Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Million Miles Away

Flipping through an old magazine tonight, I came across this image (with my apologies for a poor scan job).

Ah. And, you must know, its still as hot as Hades in Boston. Its been over a month of consistently high temperatures, with a lot of humidity thrown in. And me, a water baby, with no pool! So this image caught my attention straight away.... its the rooftop of the Cape Royale, a hotel in Cape Town (with a new soccer stadium being built in the background for the recent World Cup).

So I went to check out their website, and I fell in love... its gorgeous! I love the outdoor spaces, and the insides are not too bad either. Except for perhaps that dining room, its just my style: laid back, clean lines, small and important details.

So next time I'm in Cape Town, I hope this could be me... well, maybe my inner child!

PS: And my apologies for being so quiet the past couple weeks... I've had some toothache and its been hard to be inspired. But things are getting better and everything should be right as rain soon!

(All pics from the hotel's website, except the first, which is from House & Leisure magazine)

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