Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Surf's Up

I recently discovered Matt Suth's work over at great new blog glossary and love his images.

Been a bit of a photography week over here, hope you're enjoying it as much as me!

I'm quite excited to be placing an image of Durban (the first one) as I'll be there for a while as I am visiting sunny SA and taking a break from posting. But I'll be collecting lots of new great things to share. Please keep yourselves busy by reading some of the other awesome southern African bloggers I have listed on my blogroll, and if you behave I might have some nice and juicy give-aways for you when I get back.

See more of Matt's work here.


Freshly Found said...

Welcome back to Durbs! Hope you have a wonderful trip!

Ansie said...

Enjoy the break! Say Hi to SA for me too...