Friday, November 13, 2009

You Got Moxy?

Last year my husband and I took a trip up to Maine, to our usual favourite places, and popped into Moody's Diner (if you're ever near Moody's, make a stop!)... we've had dinner there before and had it there that day too, but have also tried their delicious cakes and desserts. Anyway, there is a drink that is called Moxie that you can get around there, and although its now a soft drink, it was originally marketed as a medicine. My husband decided to try it (to his credit, I don't think we knew about the medicinal angle before that day). He took one sip, and... that was it. Experiment over. The waitress walked passed us on her way to get someone else's order, looked at him, and asked if he'd like something else to drink!

So imagine my surprise when I found Moxy Crocheting (although that spelling is usually associated with being gutsy, no?)... anyway, the crocheted work at Moxy is gorgeous. Some of the best I seen, great colour combos and beautifully sewn together. I am a big fan.

I am not the only fan. Moxy has got the seal of approval from Apartment Therapy... you can make some purchases from Laura and you can rest assured that your purchase will also help support the families of the seven crocheters whose beautiful work you'll be enjoying.

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Anabel Fournier said...

This is such beautiful and detailed crochet work. Love the different buttons on the back of the cushion cover.