Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ex-South African? Not me!

So I was taking a moment to recharge between projects tonight, and came across my name on the Elle Deco blog!

Woah! What a great surprise! And thank you for the kind words, Heather. And, as much as I enjoy living in Boston, I certainly am South African through and through. I really think the good folks at home are up to date on their SA design (I envy your access to getting out and seeing things) and really hope that my stint on 2modern will introduce my American friends to the wonders of SA design. My apologies for the few-and-far-between posts these days, but classes end in two weeks. Can't wait! Then we'll be back to business!

Now, head on over to the Elle Decor blog to sign up on the petition to save the Werdmuller Centre. It would be a pity if it disappeared. More info on the blog.

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Heather Moore said...

I'm so glad you found it! I meant to tell you, but things are so crazy around here, it somehow dropped off my to do list!