Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Surprise Purchase

The leaves are turning in Boston, the cooler temperatures are rolling in. Ah, the best time of year. You smell fireplaces burning on chillier nights when it's brisk enough, and you can break out all the warm woollies that make you feel cosy. This is a photo I took at the dog park today.

Last week I went to the Gap and randomly picked up some scarves for the in-between weather we'll be having. I bought an extra one to use as a Christmas gift because they were such a great price. They are scarves from Gap's RED campaign, where half the profits of the products sold go to help in the fight against AIDS, so that was just another reason to get them.

I got them home and was showing my hubby when he noticed that there was a little Africa graphic on the corner of the scarves. We looked closer and saw that there was a small heart over Cape Town and there was text that said, "The patterns used in this garment are inspired by the architecture and culture of Cape Town". I looked again at the designs on the other side of the scarves and noticed that the collage-type image used on the one had the words Cape Town, a button type image with RSA, and a taxi on it. The other had a giant safety pin with a bead on it, which is a very popular craft/jewellery technique in South Africa. I was quite surprised!

I tried to find the scarves on the Gap's website, but they don't seem to be there. If you like what you see, and you'd like your own, you'll have to get them in the store itself!