Monday, November 24, 2008

I've Been Bad

...and been missing in action for 3 weeks. I'm sorry... but now I'm back!

(pic found on flickr, by a lovely blog I have never seen before... two sisers in Oz/NZ, from what I can tell and it looks promising! Lovely Sweet William. Note to self: must read some more after posting this!

Since I saw you last, I've been to a baby shower, wedding, some parties, thrown a small dinner party, celebrated the birthday of someone fabulous (happy birthday, Ma!) and worked, worked late, done the Christmas shopping (phew!) and so on and so forth. I have been thinking a lot lately about our modern lives, and work. And money. You know, how do people do it? I don't have children and just can't see how they would fit into my schedule!? How do people do it? I have enough trouble getting a walk with the dog, exercise, laundry and maybe some reading in... joking aside, what lives do we lead when we have to make choices about the things and people we love so that we can do it, and provide for our families? I just don't know. I think it takes strength and ingenuity... and community. I am very thankful for my wonderful life here in Boston, for the awesome, good souls I have met and made friends with and the love and support I get from them. So although it sometimes keeps me away from my blog, and you (whom I always miss!), I hope you can forgive me because it keeps me human, and passionate and interested. I'm sure you understand.

It all makes me think of some other bloggers who have tackled these questions. Holly at Decor8 wrote a fantastic post a while back about how she and her German husband have managed to create the life they want in New Hampshire and also in Europe. An inspiration of hard work and prioritising... and you can see more of her lovely apartment.

Maria at Port2Port Press is an artist who creates beautiful letterpress work, and she is quite candid in what it takes to be an independent artist today in her interview with Grace over at design*sponge.

Does anyone else have inspiration on the web? Please comment and let us know. I have been thinking about my future as a designer, a South African and just as a person in this hectic world and it would be cool to see how people create balance in their lives.

Next post we will be back to our regular schedule of southern African art and design, promise ;)

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