Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ms Jackson

You may have noticed the gorgeous animal figurines scattered around Carrol Boyes' shop, in my last post. Those gorgeous creatures are the handiwork of the women of Monkeybiz, a non-profit organization that allows women to produce beaded figurines from home (where they can take care of their families and avoid the transport costs associated with commuting) using beading techniques that South Africans of different ilks have used for generations.

I personally am in love with the animals, but you can get beautiful dollies too, and some cute little creatures made from recycled rubber.

Monkeybiz does ship overseas so don't hold back! And remember each figurine is individually made, so any piece you order will be completely unique.

One of the people behind Monkeybiz is the talented Barbara Jackson. It seems a natural fit as she is a sculpture, and produces bold, graphic ceramics that are also a hot favourite of mine. According to Barbara, the black and white stand for balance and equality, while the red stands for life-blood.

You can read more on Barbara Jackson's interesting story on her website, and admire more of her work. Keep watching: I can only imagine such a talented and motivated person will continue to create and encourage others to create more beautiful and inspiring work.

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