Monday, January 4, 2010

Zulu Lulu

Happy New Year everyone! Let's get this year started on the right foot, shall we, with these amazing pots.

They are smoke fired pots inspired by traditional Zulu beer drinking pots, called the ukhamba (pronounced oo-kum-ba, if memory serves) ... and oh, so beautiful! Because of the inconsistency of the smoke, each pot is different. I'd love a few to place on my bookshelf. A traditional ukhamba looks something like this:

Now, take a look at these...

They are also fire smoked in a pit, and are inspired by the water-bearing calabash, used for so long by the Zulu.

I just love how they are so beautifully forged by Zulu Lulu (what a delightful name!) in the Natal Midlands of South Africa.

Founded by Trayci Tompkins, her Zulu Lulu team create all sorts of beautiful ceramics, but these are definitely my favourites.

Go take a look at their website, their work is lovely.


Freshly Found said...

I love Zulu Lulu products. i am the proud owner of a jug of theirs and ope to be the owner of some of those smoke fired pots!

kat said...

Gorgeous pots. I love the irregular smoky texture that they take on.

Happy New Year to you!

Andrea said...