Friday, October 29, 2010

Let's Travel Again

A million years ago, you know, when this blog started, I liked to go travelling on Fridays (remember Londolozi? Or Mozambique?! And Pemba Beach Sanctuary?). Its something I think we should do again. We can indulge our Friday-is-here-and-I-want-to-run-away feeling! I was reminded of these recently, when I went over to that lovely blog, greige, and saw the Oyster Box Hotel.

Gosh, looking at that last pic, I can actually taste the salty air!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! And to my American friends, Happy Halloweeeen! I'm going to be Morticia Addams at a party tonight. Who/what are you going to be?

(Fantastic last image from here)


Freshly Found said...

It really is worth a visit. We enjoyed high tea there a while ago.

Hayley said...

Love this hotel...dying to go there!

Hayley said...

Love this hotel...dying to go there!

kbd said...

Freshly, I am so jealous! I'd love to go... Hayley, next time I'm in SA, we should make the trip!