Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas

Well, folks, Christmas is nearly here. The time to reflect, spend time with family and just take a deep breath is here. One of my favourite times of year... and I'd like to share with you a new favourite blog of mine, everything in between, by my lovely new friend Hayley. Her Christmas decor got me so inspired and I'm sure you'll love it too.

I love Hayley's baobab Christmas tree! Reminds me of my own metal African Christmas tree, stored away in South Africa... I'm thinking I need to bring it back next time I'm home!

Here are some pics from my neck of the woods, in Boston... today it is finally snowing. Not much more than a few inches, the weathermen are promising, but it's good because it finally feels like Christmas. I've become quite accustomed to what Christmas "feels like" in South Africa, and how it feels in Boston. We are definitely getting that feeling!

I find it so amusing to see the similarities and the differences in our photos. Its so funny how dark my pics are. Gotta love northern hemisphere winters!

Merry Christmas everyone! See you in the new year!


Hayley said...

Thank you so much for this :-)

I absolutely adore your decorations. Love the stockings!

Emily said...

The place looks fab! I can't believe I haven't been over to see the tree!

kirstyb said...

oh all these pictures are fabulous xxxx

kbd said...

Hayley, I made them myself :) Still need to make one for our newest dog, Lucy (um, yes, the dogs have stockings!) but I'll get there next week.

thanks Em! Hopefully you'll see it next week sometime.

KirstyB, I nearly died when I saw your name! Before I got married, I was KirsteyB so it was a bit strange for me! Thanks for the nice comment, I think Hayley and I both loved decorating and photographing :)