Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tour South Africa: Johannesburg

Tonight our journey through South Africa continues, led by Sam from Frills and Thrills...

To recap, this is part of a series I'm hosting on South of the Sahara for anyone interested in where to visit, what to do, and what to eat in South Africa (you can also read more by clicking on the Tour South Africa tag at the bottom of this post).

"Have a cup of coffee in the bohemian district of Melville, where culture, arts and interesting people collide.

Shop at The Mall of Rosebank. You will find a stylish mix of chain stores and exclusive boutiques. A word of warning: you will leave with an armful of shopping bags and a maxed out credit card. Eat at the Melrose Arch Piazza. It's a trendy social locale where you can get dressed up for a romantic dinner or just a fun evening with friends.

If you go during your lunch hour, you can get some shopping done at the luxury Melrose Arch Mall. There are a variety of continental restaurants you can try, from authentic African at Moyo, Greek at Mezepoli, Asian at Orient or Italian at Piza e Vino."

Pics from here and here.


Sam said...

Hi sweety, thanks for the kind wishes. Hope you having a good start to the holiday season. How often do you get to visit SA?

kbd said...

hi Sam! I've had a great start - we have the usual end of year parties for work, the cricket club, friends' get-togethers... but we are coming home this year for Christmas, and its so exciting!

Sam said...

Oh Yay! You must be so excited to come home. I hope that the weather stays this warm and lovely while while you're here. They are expecting a lot of rain on the east coast.

Indigo & Batik said...

If you visit Melrose Arch, also check out Tasha's restaurant - their couscous parmesan encrusted chicken & goat cheese salad is AMAZING!