Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The List

I have a new wish list, thanks to West Elm's new South African goodies!

The Ceramic Matters aloe candle holder

the striped pillow...

and my absolute favourite... the table kudu lamp. On sale!!

PS: I'm going to do it and put it out there, like a nit-picky old woman, but West Elm has made one faux pas along the way - they are touting all these products on a page labelled "Discovered in South Africa" but they have Masai chokers and kuba cloth upholstered chairs. Although beautiful, neither of these are South African. Also the sculptural canisters are more likely from Malawi or Zimbabwe. Also not South African. Just had to say it.

So on that note, although not South African, I have wanted a traditional African wooden bench in my home since I first saw one in my great aunt's home. She was an adventurer and had lived in Malawi and Zimbabwe, as well as South Africa, and her home was filled with wonderful furniture and art from those countries, happily living alongside her Western things.


ceramicmatters said...

Hi. I was so surprised when I noticed the post with our aloe on our blog! Visit our studio if you are in Cape Town next . . . Regards. Ceramic Matters

kbd said...

Unbelievable! I was just this minute on your blog congratulating you on the products... ha! it looks fantastic and will definitely be popping in when I'm next in Cape Town. And hopefully I will soon have my aloe candle holder :)