Friday, January 11, 2008

If I Had a Dollar for Every Time...

I am a big fan of Skinny LaMinx. Her blogging keeps me up to date with the latest in South Africa and beyond, but she also has a great etsy shop that I like to plunder for gifts (nothing like a handmade something, especially handmade South African something for my American friends) when I'm not buying Carrol Boyes pieces (uh, those are a little pricier, so are reserved for special occasions!)

I even bought the red version of the Orla tea towel for myself (above) and it just rocks my kitchen! Her latest tea towel is one inspired by her post on the spoons in her house, which I blogged about months ago (check it out here) and it was a part of many, many blogs about spoons in many houses.

Now, if you buy her spoon tea towel, a part of the proceeds of the sale go to feeding a school child who needs a meal. You will receive a note explaining the spoon phenomenon and tell you a little more about how it all works. You can use this link to get more info.

Good thinking, Skinny!