Monday, August 27, 2007

A Blog Community

Ah, today I am feeling the love. Gotta love tagging... See my victims' responses at

pallazzo to do
and sprayglue

Go check it out... and read some of their posts, they are all super sites.

In the spirit of blogging, I was recently inspired by Skinny and Lena Corwin's spoon displays. Not sure mine are so beautifully displayed, but I had to share 'em.

The large salad serving spoons on the top and bottom are Carol Boyes spoons. I love Carol Boyes' work so much that my bridesmaids got sugar spoons from her collection when I got married. Each spoon has it's own identity, and I thought they'd be a wonderful way to celebrate each woman's uniqueness but also her being part of a group of my very, very bestest friends. The butter knife (I know, I know, cheating!!) is also Carol Boyes, and also the olive spoon (left, with holes). The knife and fork are from a wedding present from my grandparents-in-law. They were given a bone-handle and silver set for their wedding that they didn't use (they were given two sets) so they gave me and L ours for our wedding. It's always great to use those utensils so far from home and feel a connection over space and time. The little lady is hard to see, she is dressed as a typical South African woman would be, with her head wrapped. Lastly is my little meerkat sugar spoon. I don't use him anymore because he started to bend, but he is just darling.

Thanks everyone for being up for tagging! I did learn some interesting things about you!

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Spray Glue said...

Your hubby plays cricket in Boston? That is so exciting! Im in NY in December and would love to find out if there are cricket sides there. Ask your hubby if he knows of any links or leagues I can look up, if you dont mind?