Friday, August 24, 2007

SA Design in the News

This week on, Johannesburg Fashion week was featured because it was staged in Soweto. The website said, "Johannesburg Fashion Week held its first show in the mostly black township of Soweto, challenging the stereotype that fashion is for affluent whites."

Funny, I always thought people who aren't affluent have more interesting fashion sense cos they can't just go to the mall and buy some expensive label. They can't just lean on what's at their fingertips... know what I mean? What do you think? Do you have to buy expensive labels to be fashionable?

Anyway, I've chosen my favourites from the photos on the bbc site for you... the guy is David Tlale, a SA designer who recently showed at Paris Fashion week.


Spray Glue said...

I agree with your thoughts on this subject and I am going to be a little blunt here. The "affluent whites" buy into labels and current lifestyle trends, changing images every 3 months. Very few create their own style and live a lifestyle. I rummage through Hospice stores, often finding gems that I get stopped for and asked "where did you get that?". And I usually pay less than R10 for an item, whether it is a jacket, shirt or a pair of jeans.

South Africas subcultures are not as popular as in a place like London but are there nonetheless. I have known friends, and I have done it myself, who have stopped guys on the side of the road offering them hundreds of Rands for a vintage item of clothing they are wearing. I find the "affluent whites" in South Africa have the least style and culture, disconnected from Africa their birth place.

Thats my two cents :)

kbd said...

Well, thank you for your two cents... I completely agree, and one of the reasons I started this blog was to celebrate creativity, whether in fashion or whatever.

Think we could get some shots of your fashion finds?

Pieter said...

Most people perceive Soweto as a poor township, when it is actually a city with many wealthy areas. Many successful, wealthy, black businessmen and parlementarian's live there. So many people are still under the misconception that black = poverty.

As for spray glue's comments...
they can be applied to any race. It's so easy to kick a dog when it's down, so let's pick an easy target ("affluent" whites) and have yet another go at them. It's a bit hypocritical, dissing "affluent whites" because they spend fortunes on brand clothing, yet being prepared to pay hundreds for someone elses old stuff (nice. really edgy and original buddy) Our society has moved on, it's not a black or white thing anymore. I see this daily in Cape Town, subcultures aren't formed based on race, we've moved beyond that. Maybe, I'm just living in a bubble...

kbd said...

Thanks for that Pieter, I think things have moved along, and its interesting that the bbc took that stance... I do think that new subcultures are developing, and that's really great. At the end of the day, my point was that we should value creativity and not rely on money to be stylish.

On another note, please let's keep our comments constructive, or I may be compelled to not post them. I think we are all welcome to voice our opinions, but not to the detriment of other readers/bloggers. Thanks.