Thursday, August 2, 2007

Package in the Post!

Don't you love it when you get something great in the post? Last weekend I got a surprise package from my friend Ros, who lives in South Africa.

It was filled with ideas, people, products, colour, texture... a feast for the eyes.

Highlights for me were the Coca-Cola crates, as my husband and I already bought a crate from the Brimfield Antiques show this year, in yellow. It's so cool to see the South African version. I will definitely post a picture of ours next week. Also a favourite was the stainless-steel cutlery on the plate. It reminds me of the bone-handle cutlery that I got for my wedding gift from my husband's grandparents. They had received the cutlery set 50 years before for their wedding, but because they already had a set, they didn't use them. Essentially, we got a wonderful set of vintage cutlery that had never been used, and had strong personal meaning for us... that too, next week.

A really nice thing for me in the package was a shot of Ros' work in a local magazine, Food & Home Entertaining. It's so good to see some of her work, because obviously living in Boston, I don't get to share her day to day life. Ros says of this, "Don't you love the shell canvases in the background? I ran around doing lots of shopping for this table!" Sounds like fun, and looks wonderful.

The last thing that I will mention from my package before I run off to read through it all again, is the postcard from DT Designs.

I wish these guys had a website, I'd be ordering new fabric every week! Can you see these gorgeous colours, textures and images on pillows, bags, t-shirts? What would you like to see them as? Ros has them as cushions on her couch. The cream-coloured ones at the back are made up in their fabric.

PS: on a side note, check out Ros' photography, from her travels. I am lucky enough to own some of that work and it's hanging on my wall. More next week!

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