Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I am loving ijusi, a publication from South African graphic design studio, Orange Juice Design.

iJusi is a play on words. Sometimes English words are "Zulufied" to deal with new concepts... anyway, linguistics aside, this stuff is juicy. Started by OJ design founder, Garth Walker, the publication is printed twice a year, and each issue has its own theme, although the overriding focus is "I am an African..." The issues have views, images, interviews, wild design. I love it. It's really just good ol' design running riot, no frills, no hesitations. I wish I had me a good ol' fashioned hard copy. But the web will do for now. Take a few moments and take a stroll... you can go to the spaza shop* and look at old issues. Truly a feast for the eyes. The highlight, of course, will be the gemsbok with the flame shooting out its butt while the pages load. Enjoy.

PS: Since writing a draft of this post, I emailed and got a response from Garth. Seems the only way to get a copy of the magazine is to go to their office and pick one up. Hmm. I wonder which one of my family members I will dispatch on that mission?

*a spaza shop is an informal business, usually in urban areas... the "Seven-Eleven" of informal settlements.


Heather Moore said...

Try Gary of SprayGlue. I'm sure he could get you a copy. Also, I'm off to Durban next week, so I could help too.

kbd said...

Ooh, really? That would be great! Plus, if I buy something from your etsy shop, the mag could go in the bag and make it's way over the seas to me... hmmmm...any excuse, right?