Thursday, August 16, 2007

Juice Blender

If you read yesterday's post on iJusi, you may be interested in the graphic design studio that started it all. Their real work isn't too shabby, either. These are some of their logos...

I like Garth Walker's take on stuff. Here is his bio on the Design Indaba website, where he was a MC.

"Garth Walker started Orange Juice Design in Durban in 1995, designing for many of South Africa's best known brands. However, his interest in "what makes me an African" is the work he is best know for.

Beginning in the late 80s, Garth began to document the 'world around him' with an emphasis on 'street design', and the then emerging graphic styles of Durban's pavement traders. The collection now numbers some 5000 images of everything from Hair Salon fabric banners to granite 'biker' gravestones from every corner of South Africa."

Sounds like fun. I've just started my first graphic design job... and maybe one day I can do something as exciting and as real as this.

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