Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Living Vicariously

Ah, to be at the Design Indaba... but I wasn't, so I really enjoyed the coverage on Elle Deco's blog by Skinny LaMinx.

I do find it frustrating, though, that so many artist/designers that look SO exciting are not on the web. Please, please! In order for South African art and design to get on the international map, it has to be accessible: and that means the web. So c'mon! Get on the web people!

Those who do have websites, I've covered for you a bit more in depth below... there were a couple I've covered before, so I won't go there again (The Letterpress Company and TinTown)

The illustrations by Lorenzo Nassimbeni caught my eye... you can see where his architecture approach forms his vision. Very interesting.

I liked his photography too.

Another artist with web presence whose work appealed to me was Lisa Firer. You can see her blog here.

If anyone knows of any exciting southern African artist on the web, please let me know.


Heather Moore said...

As our broadband costs (slooowly) drop, more and more people are starting to get their work online. But in the meantime, I really hope to give SA designers at least a smidge of web presence through the Elle Deco blog, and you're doing sterling work in that regard too!

Nice to have you back.

Freshly Found said...

I so enjoyed being at the design Indaba and yes I must agree - so many of those artists are not represented in Cyberspace. It was so inspirational to be in a LARGE exhibition and know that everything was made in South Africa. A real highlight for me!

kbd said...

Thanks for putting up with my rant! I understand that getting online certainly has its obstacles in South Africa, and I appreciate that. Now that I've calmed down a smidge, I just wanted to rephrase what I said... I really hope that we get a greater web presence soon, so that everyone can enjoy what fantastic stuff South Africans are creating.

Muriel said...

I love the Lisa Firer art!
Your blog is so inspiring.