Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tyre Sandals

This is a little something I've been meaning to share with you for a while. My hubby owns a lovely pair of sandals made from old tyres... (that's tires, to my American friends). Now that we've had a few warmer days I'm thinking of spring attire...

Check out the tread, tyre name, and nails holding it all together.

These sandals are traditionally what male Zulu dancers wear, but I've read that they are equally useful for "strolling around the homestead" (er, I guess that's the category the hubs falls into!) They always remind me of Johnny Clegg and his Zulu dancing. .. I believe he's retired from dancing now, but you can check out his moves on youtube. The dancing starts about a minute and a half into the piece, although the music leading up to the dancing is well worth that time. The video is from the 46664 concert. This concert was named after Nelson Mandela's prison number, from his years on Robben Island, and was to raise awareness of the AIDS crisis in Africa.

If anyone is interested in purchasing sandals, try this link:
Catalog=10#Product19 (it's best to copy paste, as it is too long to appear on one line)


carolyn said...

Johnny was always so brilliant!
i was a huge fan... still am.
and the sandals, i have struggled to get me a pair for the hubby for years. eventually gave up. figure have to go back with him and his feet!

kbd said...

Carolyn, I know my husband's sandals were from a flea market in Durban, but I believe you can get them on Johnny Clegg's website.

Lou said...

I am the hubby. Here is the link for the sandals.....


kbd said...

The link didn't come through, try this: