Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rooms on View

Today Rooms on View opened for another exciting year's exhibition. I look forward to reading all about it on their website, and from my friends in South Africa. Jezze posted on her contribution to the South Africa House exhibit, which will be iLunch: a lunch table decorated and set with South African wares (for my American friends, a few of the more anglicised Zulu words used today have an "i" in front, like ilunch, although I am nots sure if this actual word is really used). This is Jezze's contribution... I hope to see more in her etsy shop soon!

One of the exhibitors who has caught my eye is togu'na . Unfortunately, all I can see is their website, which is still being constructed. I look forward to letting you know when I see it up and running. The home page looks really promising, I'm sure their exhibit will be fantastic!

Another exhibitor who caught my eye was Biggie Best. I grew up with Biggie Best selling very flowery stuff... I did have a set of curtains that I LOVED with a calico color background, with tiny ribbons twirling down, and roses in between, I think. I loved them but don't think I could deal with them now :) although I do still love a really pared back girly/country look.

I was really pleased to see what Biggie Best is doing now... I particularly love the French ticking. Ooooh!

I am a bit of a fabric sucker, which I blame on having a quilter for a mother. A good friend just bought me some silk fabric from China: a red cherry blossom! I am so excited... when I have some time off I get to sew with that plus the shwe shwe I got a while back from a great friend, and in a surprise gift from SA. Can't wait.

And a special thanks to my friend Ros for reminding me that Rooms opened today. What would I do without you?

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Jesse said...

I like the Biggie Best ticking too - I bought some on a sale recently to print on, but struggled to do so, because it's lovely as it is.