Thursday, June 26, 2008

A New Find

I always enjoy finding something online that's new to me, and creative, fun and inspiring. I found just that in Kat's blog, anything goes.

She blogs about things that catch her eye, and those are interesting things, indeed. I love the magazines she features, the photography... we seem to have quite similar taste! I quite enjoy some of her work that she posted (if I've understood correctly)... South Africans will understand this one (yep, that's Steve Hofmeyer, and it says "Praat die Taal. Dit betaal".)

I then I noticed she had participated in American blogger Holly's decor8 competition. I remember seeing this!

Kat seems to be bursting with creativity... and it seems to run in the family. I love the pics from her brother and father on their site, Visual Safari.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, Kat, I was happy for the introduction!

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