Sunday, December 14, 2008

Celebrate on the Rooftops

I am an avid reader of both Kim Gray's blog and Sarah's at Babazeka. Apparently the two of them are friends because I've been impressed with a wedding they both recently attended.

I was impressed for a few reasons. One, the bride had sewn her dress and her bridesmaids', and still had time to sew napkins from shwe shwe! These matched beautifully to the Wola Nani shwe shwe bowls from Babezeka.

That brings me to the second reason I was so impressed: it was a wedding in downtown Johannesburg! For my non-South African readers, Johannesburg is a typical old city in that it suffers from urban blight and is sadly not the happenin' downtown that you would imagine. The fact that this wedding was held in the city is fantastic, and that it was on the roof of a building is just lovely!

My congratulations to the bride and groom, and I say well done on a ballsy and beautiful approach!

(Read more and see more at Babazeka and Kim Gray)


thescott said...

thanks for blogging about our wedding. it was as good as we were hoping for and went really late! and yes, handmade rocks!

ps - sarah is my cousin and kim is my sister in law. lucky guy hey? :)

Xander said...

A downtown Joburg wedding... what a great idea. I love the colors, and the style of the napkins. -X