Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cab Sav, Anyone?

Even though I am not a wine drinker, there is something I have known for quite some time. South African wines are fantastic. Apparently the folks over at the New York Times didn't. Anyway, they've made amends with this lovely article on how fabulous our cabernet sauvignons are. Particularly those "moderately priced" ones from Stellenbosch. And in my humble opinion, what's even more heavenly than cab savs that are "balanced, with a sense of structure and shape, that are indisputably cabernet sauvignon with flavors of cassis and violets, cedar and minerals"? Visiting Stellenbosch and sampling them myself, of course! And I don't even like wine. Enjoy the rest of the review here, with listings of the wines that are available in the States.

PS: This completely counts as art and/or design (the subject of this blog). Fine wines do not happen by happenstance.

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