Monday, December 21, 2009

Shwe Shwe for Festivities

Here's a little more from my trip... and later this week we'll be back to seeing what other people are up to, promise!

I saw my aunt while I was in South Africa and she mentioned how she had a shwe shwe table cloth.... it got me thinking! We both have white dinnerware, and we both love blue... I thought I'd make my own.

I went off with the hubby and my mama, to find myself some shwe shwe! We found a great stash at a local fabric store, and the hardest part was finding the patterns we liked best! Because shwe shwe is traditionally used for dress-making, the bolts are not very wide. We decided on two fabrics that complemented, and my mom found a third fabric to match the first two.

At home, I put the fabric on the floor to see how they looked at full size... Monty the cat liked that!

But, as you know, visiting your home town often means running around (a lot!) to see everyone and get everything done you'd hope to on your trip. I helped with the pinning, but most of the sewing fell to my mom (thanks Ma!).

As you can see, the main part of the tablecloth is a small diamond pattern, and then we have a circular pattern on the two borders. Mom's third choice was to make adorable napkins from... I only used cloth napkins, and these make a great addition to my collection!

It looks a little shabby right now as my iron decided to stop working two days after we got back, but with a little ironing, some using, the fabric will get nice and soft, and it will smell lovely (shwe shwe has a really nice smell to it) for years to come.

PS: Today is your last chance to enter to win the holiday tree decoration. Don't forget!

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