Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NeedleCraft Bridging the Gap Between the Traditional and Modern

I love my blog because, amongst other things, I get to meet so many wonderful people. Ansie is one of those people (and just so co-incidentally the person to win the Christmas tree decoration) and I was so impressed with an article she recenlty wrote for the brand-spankin' new magazine, Needle.

An African Rainbow talks about how South Africans today are using age-old needlepoint traditions to make livings for themselves in ways that accommodate raising families whilst fighting poverty. Its a great read, and I wanted to showcase the work of some of those people (as a magazine - even an online one - only has so many pages but this blog is mine, so I can do what I want ;).

Mielie is the first organisation, that allows its members to be at home and work on products, while getting together only once a week to collaborate.

You'll notice, if you live in the Northern hemisphere, how colourful their work is. Part of my experience of living in Boston is that I've noticed how different the light is here compared to South Africa...I decorate here with less colour, but even so, who would so no to a gorgeously colourful rug, or fantastically organic cushion?

Moxy is another enterprise Ansie mentions, and I've chatted about them before. I love their work and hope one day to have at least one of their cushions in my possession... they also work mostly at home.

Kaross is the last group that is mentioned, and they differ in that they are a collaboration of over 1000 people belonging to the Shangaan group, who share their culture through needlepoint. They create everything from bed linen, to cards that show the beautiful designs they create.

Thank you to Ansie for sending me the link (you can read the magazine here). I definitely have a few more things on my Christmas list, for years to come if I don't get them this year!

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