Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Walking the Road

The Little Girl is walking with her arms stretched out, dreaming that she could fly.

Looking up into the sky she stretches her arms out even wider, knowing that there must be a way to realize a dream as clear as this.

And then! A Dragonfly flying high above, truly soaring... he is able to walk on air, to floar effortlessly. He represents all that she has been dreaming.

The Little Girl stops, and gazes up into the sky and follows his every movement in amazement. Her fingertips seem to tingle as she imagines being able to do the same.

But wait! The Dragonfly swoops down to her, hovering in front of her... could he be asking her to fly with him? Could she have wings like he does?

Oh, she must be able to do this! She must see this dream become a reality! Without asking, she leaps into the air and tries to catch the Dragonfly, to grab him right out of his sky.

Read the rest of this lovely story here, or see it in person on the Promenade in Cape Town. Sculpture by Marieke Prinsloo-Rowe.

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