Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vote for South of the Sahara

Wow. That last post on Pieter Hugo caused quite a ruckus! Got comments on facebook, email and even in the kitchen at work! Hmm. Perhaps we'll see more art in the future.

Moving on, today is the last day you can vote for my little blog to win in the Best Design Blog section of the SA Blog Award. It crept up on me fast! If you'd like, just click on the button to your right, and follow the instructions. I thank you in advance. And, in general, thank you for visiting my blog... it really is just a passion and a pleasure for me to blog about South African art, design, crafts, etc, so it thrills me that I actually have a readership, and that I ended up getting nominated. Really chuffed*. Thanks :)

(Image, from Cape Town Fashion Week, as found on Kim Gray's lovely blog, which is also up for an award (good luck Kim!). More on the SA Fashion Weeks next week.)

*SA slang for "pleased".

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